Box Gabion

Box Gabion

In landslide sites, flexible and permeable gabion retaining wall is the ideal solution. Furthermore, gabion retaining wall structures can be designed as rock retaining barrier walls. Gabion use is not limited to retaining walls and can also be used in river bed improvement. Especially in cases where the stones to be used in gabion are found on site, it provides unrivalled economy. Gabions can be used for riverbed improvements in addition to retaining structures. Thanks to its 30% porous structure, retaining walls require no barbican and can conveniently discharge excess water pressure in the background. Furthermore, thanks to its flexible texture in weak soil passages, it adjusts with the ground subsidence enabling it to serve for long years.

Gabion walls operate under two main principles in literature; weight structure and reinforces systems (as reinforced earth. In gabion systems designed as weight structure, gabion wall designed as a pyramid structure and center of gravity of the current cross section is determined. Accordingly, forces that impact negatively on the stability of the gabion wall (earthquake, loads on the wall, background filling, etc.) are determined and compared to those impact positively (wall’s own weight, fillings to the front of the wall, etc) for completing sliding, topline, etc. inspections. In reinforced gabion systems, the way gabion walls operate is different. In these systems, 1 or 0.5 m high box gabions are used on the front side and these are reinforced with geogrid, geotextile or steel rebar materials. Here, the stability of the system is obtained with the reinforcement material and after the sliding plane is determined, reinforcements are designed to bear shearing forces on the sliding plane. As in the previous systems, seismicity of the area where the wall will be built and the forces on the wall shall be considered beforehand.

Used widely at home and abroad, Gabion baskets are cages made of twisted pair hexagonal steel wire fence. They are also called, Gabion Wall, Hexagonal Basket, Gabion and Gabion Basket. Gabion Baskets make it possible to provide highly economical and natural looking solutions, especially where stone filling material can be easily found on site. Gabion Baskets have varying widths, lengths, depths and wire thicknesses. For measurements and tolerances see Table I and Table III. In order to reinforce the baskets, basket edges are framed with a wire thicker than weaving wire. See Table III. Gabion baskets with lengths over 2 meters are generally reinforced by separating with wire fence panels called diaphragm into 1 meter cells.

Gabion baskets are generally used in sea shore protection, river improvements, erosion control structures, roads and railroads. GEOART produces material with 6×8, 8×10 cm pore areas and Ø2.00mm to Ø3.40mm wire thicknesses for wire fence. Furthermore, for additional corrosion resistance we also have PVC coated gabion baskets in our product range. Hexagonal twisted pair wire fence is in compliance with TS EN10223-3. All wires and tie wires used in production of Gabion Baskets have rupture strength of 38-55kg/mm. rupture strength of the wires and wire diameter tolerances comply with BS102/80. Above values are before the wire is woven. For tolerances see Table IV. Elongation of wires at rupture point is 12% min. Galvanization is in compliance with BS443/82 and EN10244-2.

Advantages of Gabion Structures
1. Flexibility: Twisted pair hexagonal wire fence is resistant to large forces by structure. Furthermore, it adapts itself to miniscule displacements without breaks or cracks.
2. Durability: Galvanized wire fence has a very long life. When coated with PVC, its service life extends even further. Additionally, twisted pair wire cage does not disentangle life wire fence, when a wire snaps.
3. Self-Drainage: Gabions have porous texture when filled with rock and stones. Porous texture auto-drains by not holding water behind and prevents water force to accumulate.
4. Economy: Gabion structures are very economical compared to traditional. Furthermore, they require very little maintenance. (Life Long economy)
5. Strength: Gabion structures can absorb huge amounts of energy and can operate for decades, even under natural stress, they can perform without problems for decades.

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