Steel Mesh

Steel Mesh

Rock fall protection systems are an important element of design and maintenance as it directly impacts the safety of roads, railroads and dam projects. Therefore, it requires an approach covering analysis of rock fall problems holistically rather than individually. Since rock fall measures consist of different components, defining these as “Systems” is the most accurate approach. Systems are divided into active and passive systems. “Passive Systems” limit the movement of parts breaking away from the rock mass surface on the surface minimizing the impact of falls on the skirts of the slope and make these safer. They are not efficient in attaching individual masses at discontinuities of the rock masses to the main/strong rock mass.

Passive Systems;
• Simple wire mesh systems
• Rock barrier systems
• Preventive walls/banks
Active Systems are used to prevent the break off of an individual rock mass on the slope surface and to attain stability control.
• Surface reinforcement systems are done by fixing on the slope surface using different types of steel wires and cables combined as a steel mesh and anchorages.
• Pre-stressed anchorage and anchorage rod.
Surface coating systems are installed to top anchorages built at the top of the slope and the load is borne by the top steel cable. Bearing blocks that carry risk of falling with lateral and horizontal reinforcements in places where pure Steel Grid material is insufficient through calculations is among the alternatives provided by our company. Protection meshes are special meshes preventing rocks from falling onto roads and railroads and other structures and preventing damage to these structures. Meshes are produced from hexagonal, twisted pair wire meshes coated with high galvanize and/PVC. Hexagonal wire meshes are şn compliance with ASTMA641 and EN10223-3. The most important difference between hexagonal wire mesh fence from trellis fence is their knotted structure preventing untangling. So much tha meshes keep their integrity even when several wires snap. PVC coated applications are recommended in applications in aggressive, corrosive areas. In these cases the wire in covered with 0.50 mm PVC layer apart from galvanizing. Technical specifications of the PVC coating complies with relevant standards.

Heavy Galvanized Wire
All wires and tie wires used in production of Gabion Baskets and Steel Meshes have rupture strength of 38-55kg/mm. rupture strength of the wires and wire diameter tolerances comply with BS102/80. Above values are before the wire is woven. For tolerances see Table IV. Elongation of wires at rupture point is 12% min. Galvanization is in compliance with BS443/82 and EN10244-2.

Steel Grid, Hexagonal Mesh, Rock Fall Protection, Protection Mesh
Protective mesh made of hexagonal wires are made to prevent damages from falling stones in fissure slopes, HPPs, roads, railroads, slope surface and around any facility. Rock Fall Prevention Meshes are known by various names. These are, Steel Grid, Slope Protection Mesh, Hexagonal Protection Mesh, Slope Mesh, Slope Surface Wire Mesh and Rock Fall Prevention mesh. Steel grids (steel wire mesh) or specially designed rock barriers are used in highways, railroads, municipalities and administrations against rock falls. Steel grid to be used (twisted pair hexagonal produced wire mesh) can be combined with special anchorage systems according to surface structure to achieve solution.

Here, the goal is to attain sufficient level of safety against rock falls. Upon calculation of the loads on the anchorages in relation to the subject, relevant pore size and wire thickness is decided. Barriers slightly differ and barriers can be selected based on possible rock fall routes, according to energy level, bouncing height and speed. One of the methods employed in construction and maintenance of fissures in road, railroad and HPP projects to ensure slope stability by preventing breaking off loose rocks and debris is twisted pair hexagonal pored steel grid use. With this method, unstable large pieces are held in place while slope stability is increased in time with the plants growing in the pores.

Main properties of steel grid to be used are:

◦ Steel Grids do not get loose, splinter easily and do not release rocks, stones and debris the compress.
◦ Galvanized wires are resistant to rust and have long life (30 years)
◦ They are flexible and easy to install
Steel Grids are made of twisted pair wire meshes with pore size of 8 x 10 or 6 x 8 (Advantage of twisted pair wire is given in picture below),

Supplied in 25 m or 50 m rolls for convenience to carry and lay, rolls can be as wide as 4 meters. Despite the necessity to carry by air with helicopters in very special cases, when fixed with special anchorage at the top of the slope and released down rolls are woven together with cables of same or higher quality.

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