Rock Holding Barriers

Rock Holding Barriers

Rock Holding Barriers provide economical solutions to rock falls. In cases where steel grid-steel mesh-wire mesh systems are not applicable on the area to be protected due to

• Economic conditions,
• Safety,
• Access conditions to application areas

or other special circumstances, rock holding barriers to be produced for the falling routes or impact areas of the breaking off rock masses can be highly effective in protection of infrastructure, roads or buildings. These systems are placed in falling routes of rocks to provide safety.

Your safety is being prepared for everything. Thanks to the systems we developed to remove difficult, complicated and dangerous situations, we provide robust, durable and convenient solutions. In wide scoped and difficult terrains surface protection systems are inapplicable due to technical, topographical, practical or economic reasons. Barrier systems are the most effective solution to rock falls to remove limitations by the soil. Our unique energy absorbing barrier systems, which are the best according to official standards (ETAG) do not lose performance through their service life and create difference with low repair and maintenance costs. Our barrier systems with capacities ranging from 250kj to 8500kj can absorb the energy of rocks that may fall from cliff and slopes.

Barriers of Geoart are developed in cooperation with expert practitioners in Switzerland. Therefore, barriers provide faster and safer installations and shorter production time.

Our EOTA approved Rock Barriers have been tested and approved by European Organization for Technical Approval, in compliance with European Test and Approval Guide 27 (ETAG 27). Geoart has obtained European Technical Approval (ETA) for barrier series that have absorption capacity from 500 kJ to 8.500 kJ. Approvals obtained in detail for production, supply and installation processes, enabled CE certificate (quality standard) for barrier systems.

Regardless of the material used to produce barriers; steel or flexible, some parameters shall be taken into consideration in design;
Fall energy
Fall speed
Impact Height
Determination of the correct point on the slope
Problems in application

Steel barriers are designed in European standards with capacities from 500 kjoul to 5.000 kjoul. These are used according to project need as calculated based on energy level and bouncing height.
Possible rock falls are animated with special software in barrier design and after determining their fall energy and falling route, correct material is chosen with consideration to maximum bouncing height.
Figure on the side shows a fall animation by a software.

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