Asphalt Roads and Road Infrastructure Reinforcement

Asphalt Roads and Road Infrastructure Reinforcement

Asphalt geogrid made of special fiberglass to be used in asphalt roads will elongate service life of the road and thus decrease maintenance costs. Additionally, asphalt geogrid used in asphalt coating will remove reflections cracks that appear in time and significantly prevent wheel tracks.

Therefore, they are generally made of fiberglass. Furthermore, fiberglass asphalt geogrids are used in roads against reflection cracks thanks to their maximum bearing capacity under low elongation.


In road embankments and building foundations, specially woven type polyester geotextiles and geogrids used on pile foundations transfer the distribution of loads from above evenly to the lower layers significantly solving problems. Special calculations on this and selection of right geosynthetic material will remedy problems.

Our company provides all kinds of technical support in this subject and recommends the most accurate and economical solution as a result of the static analysis

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