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FlexiTex® is a textile concrete shuttering for use at the water-side and underwater concrete work There has been a significant increase in the use of textile shuttering in concrete work, particularly at the water-side and underwater projects. The most important reason for this increased interest has been the introduction of woven fabrics made of high-strength multifilament synthetic fibre. Coupled with simplified installation working procedures, this results in reduced working times and attractive cost saving.

The most important applications for FlexiTex® are:
• mattresses for erosion control stabilization of embankments and sleep slopes.
• mattresses for constructing reservoirs
• recasting and repairs of piles
• sacks and other woven “containers” for underwater concrete works
• various designs for supporting/covering pipes
• other designs for carrying out repair work and sealing concrete walls

The quality of the concrete used in projects of this type is important. The principle applied to remove excess water is based on pressure excavation, whereby the pressure exerted by the concrete as it is pumped in, causes rapid evacuation through the fabric. The fabric acts like a sieve and is designed to prevent particles from getting through it.

Tele Textiles supplies four types of FlexiTex®:

• FlexiTex® filter mattress
This double-weave mattress has been woven together at regular points which act as filters to even out water pressure. This type of mattress is supplied in 5.30m width and standard roll sizes of 100m.

• FlexiTex® concrete mattress
This double-weave mattress has internal distance treads. The upper and lower sections are connected by means of spacing yarns to ensure that the concrete-filled mattress is of even thickness. These mattresses are supplied in 3.75m width as standard. We can supply thicknesses from 7 to 33 cm that corresponds to unit weights per m2 from 150 up to 750 kg/m2 as standard.

• FlexiTex® sacks/tubes
FlexiTex® can also be woven into sacks of different sizes for specific applications. Please consult us for more details.

• FlexiTex® with planting squares (FlexiGrow®)
FlexiGrow® presents squares of 30cm2 that will be open after concrete injection and give the possibility to be plant some small trees or grass for better integration in the environment. FlexiGrow® is woven in 530cm width and in several colours. Please consult us for more information.

• economical solution compared to traditional concrete-made reinforcements
• easy installation following the geographical contours
• short installation times up to 700 m2 per day
• FlexiTex® is very resistant during installation as high tenacity polyester yarns are used
• roll widths from 3.75m up to 5.3m • Tele Textiles has delivered numerous projects and has an experienced team • Tele Textiles is a ISO9001 certified producer.